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Commissions are unique pieces of art that are special to you! I use watercolors to paint special memories such as homes, trips, wedding venues, and more!

Price Rate

Custom Watercolor: $2.10 per sq in. (Example, 8x10 in = $168)

Live Wedding: Take a look at my Live Wedding page!

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Customer Testimony

"I’m blown away by Emily’s work! Her pieces exude tranquillity and happiness, which makes me feel instantly uplifted. Her style is truly the epitome of Joy! I commissioned Emily to paint a Christmas ornament of my friend’s beloved pet. Somehow, it turned out even more perfect than I had imagined, and my friend was over the moon when she received it! A gift she'll cherish forever. Emily continues to amaze me with her technique, and I can’t wait to keep following her beautiful journey as an artist." - Christina, Chicago IL