Bring a piece of light to your home through the art you curate

Even something as simple as looking at a piece of serene artwork can uplift your day!

  • Joyfulness

    I strive to create pieces that promote pure joy just by looking at it. The art that you curate in your home can bring a piece of joy to you each day.

  • Tranquility

    I love to paint beautiful landscapes that evoke a sense of tranquility. I create dreamy and romantic atmospheres based off God's creation of nature.

  • Nostalgia

    My goal is to create pieces that evoke nostalgia, which is such a special feeling. I paint places that bring sweet memories, such as homes, trips and cities.

Original watercolor art: Painted with intention and purpose.

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Live Wedding Paintings

A special way that I use my art is through live weddings paintings! I attend weddings to paint a memorable keepsake for the Bride & Groom. My goal with these paintings is to create a beautiful image to hang in the couple's home that reminds them of every day of their special day!



"After getting a gift from a friend with our venue custom painted on a champagne bottle, I asked Emily if she would do a live painting at our wedding! She was fantastic and the guests loved interacting with her. The painting is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives and it turned out so fantastic!" - Katie, Indianapolis IN

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