Why I started my YouTube channel

Why I started my YouTube channel

This month (April, 2024), I started my YouTube channel! A lot of thought and planning went into this, because I didn't want to just start something only to stop after a couple months. Today, I want to share with you a little back story on why I started my YouTube channel and my motivation behind it :) 

I never went to art school, and am self-taught for the most part! In the summer of 2021, I kicked off my love for watercolor by doing a 30-day challenge. I watched a new YouTube video each day for a month to learn the techniques and practice various painting styles. Now here we are about 3 years later, and I want to help others find a passion for art! I thought since I turned to YouTube to learn, I can turn to YouTube to teach. 

Art, and sometimes watercolor in particular, can be intimidating to try, because there are SO many products and techniques out there! My goal is to make content in a simplified manner that will make everyone feel like they can pick up a paint brush and try it out.

My goal is to work on posting three types of videos:

  • Tutorials: Step-by-Step videos that allow anyone to walk away with their own painting.
  • Art Advice/Tips: Helpful videos for established artists that act as a resource to further their art business.
  • Lifestyle: Vlogs about my art days, life, and more!

I've found that I really enjoy creating videos and sharing my art through tutorials and vlogs. I have so many exciting videos planned for the upcoming months!

I would love if you check out my channel and subscribe to keep up with all the fun things coming out! YouTube.com/@watercolorwithemily


Emily Winslow

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Your YouTube channel was recommended to me by YouTube and I’m so happy it was. Your style is just what I love!

Julie Blacksher

I look forward to all of your content. Thank you for putting the time and energy into all of this.


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