The Artist, Emily Winslow

The Artist, Emily Winslow

Hi Friends!

This is my first blog post, and I am so excited to share my art journey with you :)

If you're new here, my name is Emily Winslow and I am the artist behind Watercolor With Emily. I specialize in painting nature landscapes with watercolor and I draw my inspiration from God's creation of the landscapes! Everything from mornings in the midwest to sunsets on the beach hold so much beauty, and I do my best to capture them with my watercolors.

My husband and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, so I also love to paint things that remind me of home such as iconic spots around the city! You will find quite a few Indy inspired prints on my shop, and my goal is to work on painting other midwest cities to remind others of their beloved home :)

Here are some photos of Seth and I NOT in Indy, but in Punta Cana!


Speaking of my husband, Seth, he is a big part of how I got started with watercolor (and continues to be my number one supporter!) In the summer of 2021, he began his MBA program here in Indy. At the time we were pretty newly married, so I wanted to have something to keep me occupied while he went through his 3 year program (he was working full-time as well, so imagine how much free time he would have, try NONE!) So being a generally artsy person, Seth suggested I try out a 30-day watercolor challenge on YouTube. Each day, I would find a new tutorial to paint something new. I had a fun time dabbling in this new hobby, but to be honest I found watercolor extremely difficult, and most of the time pretty frustrating! By the end of this 30-day challenge, I was no where near and expert, but I did have some curiosity to continue practicing the medium. August 12, 2021 is when I started my Art Instagram account for @watercolor.with.emily, and my intent was just to share my progress in this new hobby of mine. From there, I just never stopped practicing and while I have so much more to learn, I love to see the progress i've made! My little hobby slowly began to transform into the full blown small business that it is today in 2024!

The first photo below shows my first few posts on my art account, and the second photo shows some of my most recent! You can tell I really found my own style once I started creating without following tutorials. I love using light and pastel colors to create a calming result!


I currently work a full-time job as a Learning Experience Designer for a tech company, and Seth and I both work remote, which I am so thankful for! I truly don't know if I would have the time to grow my art business if I had to go into an office, and I thank the Lord everyday for the opportunity I was given to pursue this passion. Outside of watercolor and my job, I love to bake and cook, go on walks with my husband, and spend time with family and friends! I can't wait to continue this journey, and share more with you through my blog :)


Emily Winslow

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Hi Emily, thank you for sharing this. I am looking forward to following along with your journey, and learning from you as well. Your paintings are so lovely.


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