Art Fair Tips

Art Fair Tips

So, you've decided to showcase your art at and art fair? Maybe this is a new to you and a little bit daunting! My hope is to encourage you, and help you prepare for your upcoming events!

First, here is a freebie art fair checklist you can download!

What's the Deal with Art Fairs?

Art fairs are an in-person experience where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate all things creative. It's a place where you as an artist can showcase your newest creations and meet some new customers!

These events are one of my favorite parts about being an artist, because I get to sell my pieces that I worked hard on while making great connections with other artists and my art collectors!

Let's talk about how you can thrive at art fairs!

Be Prepared

As an artist, you will want to make sure you are prepared for your art fair, that way you can relax and be energized the day of your event! I recommend making a checklist for yourself so that you don't forget anything major! I put together a freebie list that you can grab at the beginning of this blog!

Your checklist may change depending on what kind of artist you are, but there are common items that most makers will need such as business cards, bags, your card reader etc!

Art Inventory

One of the most important items on your checklist should be... well, your art!

Be sure to plan out ahead of time which pieces you are bringing so that you can prepare price tags and labels, and make sure these are added to your Point of Sales system. It can be hard to determine how much to bring if you have never been to an art fair, but as you do more, you will start to see a trend of how much you typically sell!


Something I feel is often underestimated is the aesthetics of your booth display! My goal is to make a beautiful display that draws in customers to view my art. I like to put myself in the customers shoes and think about what would draw me into a booth if I were walking around an art fair.

You can use decor items around your home to bring to art fairs to enhance your space, don't worry about dropping a ton of money on aesthetics! Things like baskets, florals, vases, etc, make great additions!

Customer Experience

Lastly, I want to discuss how important customer experience is at an art fair! 

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer for a moment... You walk into a booth because you saw some art that you liked, you browse around for a moment and see the artist sitting in the corner. They are staring at their phone and don't get up to greet you or tell you about themself or the art. Now you are feeling a bit awkward and shy so you decide to leave and checkout the next booth.

I want to make sure anyone who steps into my booth feels welcomed and leaves knowing a little bit more about me and the inspirations behind my artwork! Customers are more likely to buy something from you if they know who you are, and feel moved by the meaning behind your art.

Watch my Full YouTube video about Art Fair Tips here!

I hope these tips brought some encouragement to you, and made you feel more prepared for your next art fair :) As always, don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have!


Emily Winslow

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